Company’s Objective

Our main objective is to deliver the highest levels of professionalism & experience. We aim to capitalize on the premium perfumes & cosmetics segment of the market, acquiring quality brands that cater to specific customer needs and offers high standards of services to the industry. As a leading Perfumes & Cosmetics distributor in Afghanistan, “HB Beauty Perfumes & Cosmetics Ltd.” aims at impressive & consistent results from this region.
We are determined to distribute & promote the perfume & cosmetics brands with greater efficiency for making them available to end consumers conveniently. To effectively utilize our experience, contacts & specialization for matching demand & supply. To provide effective physical distribution management through careful attention towards Order processing, Inventory control, Warehousing, Materials handling & Transportation.
To facilitate management innovation and promote a unified direction for our Company as we expand our global business activities. We aim to continuously enhance the value of the company through the ongoing growth and development.

Business Policy
We use field innovation to find new approaches & the inspiration to improve ourselves, while delivering added value to our associates. Our company works together to accelerate our global business expansion.

Corporate Governance

Recognizing that strengthening corporate governance is essential to achieve company’s objectives, the Board of Directors has articulated on our Internal Control Framework & these measures are continuously implemented.

Organization Structure

Our strength lies in the competency of our people. We are able to deliver excellent service at all times due to our highly trained and motivated staff. All our lead staff is highly educated & we have recruited only graduate candidates for the positions of sales executives.

Our every individual member believes in a family value system and committed to deliver high quality and diligent services. We have a dedicated team of professional employees for handling managerial responsibilities; working exclusively for distribution of Perfumes & Cosmetics products.